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ANKA ANALİTİK is one of the leading companies in the sector, with the representations of leading manufacturers in their fields, of which it is a part of international sales networks.

ANKA ANALİTİK, serving many sectors with its wide product range, has adopted the principle of providing fast, reliable and economical solutions to its customers.


GNR ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS GROUP (Italy) is the world's leading Optical Emission Spectrometer and X-Ray Diffractometer manufacturer producing the most innovative technologies in the industry. With its wide product range, it meets all the needs of the sector. Anka Analitik is the authorized representative of GNR ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS GROUP in Turkey.





CESARE GALDABINI S.p.A. (Italy), founded in 1890 and fully owned by the GALDABINI family, the company manufactures high quality Tensile, Compression, Bending and Impact Testers with its innovative technology, expert support and first-class service approach. Anka Analytics, CESARE GALDABINI S.p.A. is the authorized representative of the company in Turkey.


Bettersize Instruments (China) has been a major manufacturer in the Particle Size Analysis industry since 1995, in terms of brand reputation, sales volume and most importantly qualities. From basic necessities to advanced research equipment, it offers a wide range of products for precise analysis of materials from Nanometer to Millimeter, helping scientists and engineers understand material properties, facilitate research and increase production efficiency. Anka Analitik is the authorized representative of Bettersize Instruments company in Turkey.

3P Instruments

3P Instruments, formerly "Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG", is one of the most important manufacturers of powder characterization devices in the world, with years of experience. With its advanced devices and engineering experience, it produces analytical solutions and develops devices for all analyzes in the particle, dust and pore world. Anka Analitik is the authorized representative of 3P Instruments in Turkey.

SCP SCIENCE (Canada) is the industry's leading manufacturer of unrivaled sample preparation devices, calibration standards for spectrometer devices, laboratory chemicals and consumables for ICP, XRF, AAS devices, analytical equipment and laboratory chemicals. Anka Analitik is the authorized representative of SCP SCIENCE in Turkey.

CONOSTAN (Canada) is the world's leading manufacturer of oil standards for elemental analysis instruments such as ICP, AAS, DCP, XRF, Rotrode and more. Anka Analitik is the sole authorized representative of CONOSTAN oil standards in Turkey.


EQUILAB (Spain) produces sample preparation systems and analysis devices with more than 25 years of experience, offering original solutions for industrial and R&D laboratories. Anka Analitik is the sole authorized representative of EQUILAB in Turkey.



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