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Particle size indicates how small(or big) a particle is. The unit is usually mm, μm or nm. The particle diameter is the most common parameter usually used to describe particle size. Particle size distribution is characterized as a percentage of the number of particles in a specific size range compared to the total number of the particles. Particle size distribution can be expressed in many ways based on different criteria, including number, diameter, area, volume, and mass. Particle size distribution as measured by laser diffraction is most commonly based on volume. Particle size and particle size distribution are the major analysis parameter of particle size measurement equipment (also called 'particle size analyzer'). Recently, it has also played an important role in the pyrolysis, chemical and mining sectors.


Bettersizer ST Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Bettersizer S3

Bettersizer S3 Laser Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Bettersizer S3 Plus

Bettersizer S3 Plus Laser Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Bettersizer 2600

Bettersizer 2600 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Bettersizer 2000S

Bettersizer 2000S Spray Particle Size Analyzer


BT-Online1 Online Particle Size Analyzer


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