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As ANKA ANALİTİK, we continue to support real sector companies that we contribute to increase the quality and efficiency of materials and to develop production technologies with our chemical analysis, quality control, and laboratory devices for more than 20 years.

Anka Analitik, for metallurgy, chemistry, paint, cement, ceramic-porcelain, mining, environment and quality control laboratories, medical, jewelry, defense industry, aviation, universities, institutes and public institutions; Spectral analyzers, optical emission spectrometers, sample preparation devices, Particle Size (Grain Distribution) Analyzers, Particle Characterization Devices, Nanoparticle and Zeta Potential Analyzers, Bet Surface Area Measurement - Adsorption Devices, XRF Spectrometers , X-Ray Diffractometers and ICP-OES/ICP-MS, Atomic Absorption, XRF device supplies, especially provides services in many areas.

We carry the principle of establishing continuous and healthy relations with our customers by including the after-sales service support of the products of the worldwide reputable companies that we represent in Turkey.

Anka Analitik, with its engineer staff responsible for each group of products, manages its sales and service services under the responsibility of the same staff, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. Thus, trust and continuity of dialogue are ensured in sales and after-sales services, and each group also has detailed expertise in its own field.

In addition to the industry experience of its engineers, Anka Analitik creates an agile and innovative team by following the trainings organized by the manufacturers and having all kinds of competencies in the field of sales and service.

Long-term and trust-based relationships with manufacturers have led Anka Analitik to expand its sales network to neighboring countries.

With the TSE and Ministry of Industry certificates he has, he has completed work in public institutions.

In the near future, Anka Analitik, which has started the infrastructure works for the necessary investments for the purpose of domestic production, has also chosen the responsibility of providing added value to our country as its target.



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